Brendan and the boys from Australia get a spearfish 

Brendan from Australia booked a full day trip with Highnoon Sportfishing charters for a bachelor party on The Big Island Hawaii.It was an absolutely gorgeous day,however the fishing was pretty slow.Beers were cracked and we all hung out ,talked story and made fun of the husband to be for getting sick and promptly passing out.Six hours in we got our first and only bite so we had to make it count! With a little teasing the fish returned and the hook stuck.We landed a massive Shortnose spearfish, the biggest fish anyone on the boat has caught to date.Good times on The High Noon once again! 


Joe and Cathy get matching spearfish 

Joe and Cathy booked a half day with Highnoon Fishing Charters.The stinger came down right after our morning run down and joe brought in a beautiful spearfish.These fish only show up certain times of the year in kona so we were extremely lucky when the same rod and lure came down again a hour later and Cathy got another amazing fish in the boat.One fish fed our happy charters for the remaining of their stay on the island and the other one was turned into a trophy mount!Congratulations Joe and Cathy! 


Long time client Stacey gets a mahi mahi and daughter Nicolette gets a wild blue marlin.

Stacey has been fishing with Highnoon Sportfishing Charters for years and has a great track record with us not to mention multiple blue marlin catches.This time he wanted dinner and his daughter to fight a fish out the chair,well Stacey………done and done! We started the day off. With a very memorable light tackle mahi mahi catch for Stacey’s dinner and shortly after got Nicolette in the chair for one wild blue marlin.This was one wild  day of fishing. 



 The Whiteside family even mounted the marlin to immortalize our day on the water.This will be a hard one to top when we do it again next year with the Whitesides but anything is possible on The Highnoon! 

Sanjay gets a spearfish

There has been an influx of Shortnose Spearfish in Kona the past week as Sanjay found out when he booked a 3/4 day with High Noon Sportfishing . After two unsuccessful strikes with no hook ups,  the third strike was the charm,  Sanjay jumped into the fighting chair and landed this beautiful Spearfish.  The fish was taken and fed the family for the week while they were on vacation and Sanjay went home with a trophy fish for his wall at home!


Kimmy Park gets her father a fish of a lifetime 

Kimmy booked a half day charter with Highnoon Sportfishing and brought her parents with her Her father always loved fishing in Japan but now lives in Arizona so this was her gift to him. Two hours into the trip we got our one and only bite of the trip.The old vet fought the massive spear fish like a true angler and the fish was taken to feed the family while on vacation.This was the largest fish he has ever caught so he decided to mount the fish to immortalize the experience. Once again the High Noon gets the job done!