Robert gets a Spearfish on the Greenstick

Robert and Ashley booked a 3/4 day with High Noon Sportfishing and boy did we have a amazing day! First thing in the morning some humpback whales started breaching right in front of the boat, and just when we turned to avoid them,  we had a double Ono strike.  We ended up getting a very nice  40 pound Wahoo (called Ono in Hawaii)…. out of the deal and we moved on to different game.

We decided to fish a school of dolphin for some tuna using the boats green stick rig and ended up getting a spearfish!  The rarest billfish in the word caught on a green stick?  That is unheard of.   This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this rare phenomenon. Robert knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and decided to turn his catch into a trophy.  Thank you Robert and Ashly for a awesome day on the water and we will see you again next year! Congratulations on a great catch.




The Air Force makes a strong showing on the High Noon 

Greg booked High Noon Sportfishing for a full day to get some action while on Big Island.There multiple reasons to celebrate on the boat that day,a birthday and a pregnancy.We had a strong group of the U.S. Air Force and a whole lotta cans of good ol’ Budwiesers on the boat

 so the vibes were right.We got lucky and found a nice group of yellow fin tuna and everyone on board got action.After about two hours of solid action the fish bag was full of some beefy little big eye tunas.We even cleaned some and did a couple of sashimi dishes while we trolled for bigger game,there was enough meat caught that Greg and the crew were even able to feed thier party of 16 they came with,not to mention the Capt and crew.Thanks you guys for serving our country proud and choosing The High Noon!

Chad and family get a slam

Chad and his family booked a full day charter with High Noon Sportfishing while on vacation in Kona.The day started off strong when we hooked a nice Ono,then shorty after we got into some fun tunas.We worked some lures around some floating debris and hooked up on a nice pair of mahi mahi.On the way in we picked up a beautiful Shortnose spear fish that was mounted for the family office,another epic day filled with action for The High Noon.