Andrea gets a spearfish and everyone gets a tuna

Our return client Andrea booked a 3/4 day with High Noon Sportfishing charters to put some meat on the table while on vacation.The started off fast when we found a nice school of yellow fin and skip jack tuna at a bouy.We all went to work on the light tackle on the fiesty fish and after a hour of fishing the fridge was stocked! The bite slowed down so we put out the lures and started working the water for some bigger game.After an hour of trolling the stinger came crashing down we were on! Andrea jumped in the chair and did an amazing job of fighting her fish,a six foot long spearfish.Another great group of clients and another great day on The High Noon.Enjoy your catch guys and come see us again! 



Young angler Foster fights fish like a pro 

  Laurie booked a 3/4 day with High Noon Sportfishing and brought her son Foster and daughter Lillie.Right away we took a liking to the group,Foster was asking all the right questions and Lillie Informened us about some interesting facts about unicorns we didn’t know.We went to a bouy for some tuna action and Foster went to work! Let me tell you,This kid was a beast! If all our anglers had heart like this kid fish wouldnt stand a chance! Although we never got our bill fish bite we all wanted,we had a great time aboard TheHighnoon,maybe next time we can get Foster that trophy billfish. 

Monster spearfish for Liz 

  Armin booked a 3/4 day with High Noon Sportfishing charters while in kona for a stop on a cruise ship.The day started off face pace when we found a floater holding lots of mahi mahi.After an insane mahi session we started trolling for bigger game.The short rigger came down and Liz brought in a monster spearfish! Five minutes later we had a big blue marlin come hit a couple lures but not stick,all and all another epic day aboard The Highnoon.

Tim from Vancouver gets a spearfish and and a massive blue marlin pays is a visit

Tim and his family from Vancouver booked High Noon Sportfishing for a half day while on vacation in kona for a little action.Twenty minutes into the trip the stinger came down and Tim was in the chair fighting his first Hawaiin bill fish!The 69 inch spearfish was landed and Tim went home with the ultimate souvenir an angler can get,a mounted bill fish for the wall at home.We hit a bouy and even got some nice tuna for dinner.On the way back a massive blue  marlin estimated at 700 lbs came and took a whack at our stinger but missed,she came back up and hit our long rigger but never got hooked and disappeared into the depths she came from.Looks like you gotta come back and see us again on The High Noon Tim.