Jerry Smith from Florida releases 200 lb Blue Marlin

Jerry Smith from Florida, a long time High Noon customer, has booked High Noon for two days this week.  Jerry is a lucky guy……every time he has fished with us, he catches a marlin.  That is a lot of luck….and every time we take Jerry out,  we wonder if the streak is going to continue.

This time we live baited on the ledge at the tide change, and lo and behold, another Blue Marlin hookup for Jerry.  Here is the fish just before release:

Congratulations to Jerry….glad the pressure is off for this year, lol.  See you next year!

Georgia Couples get their Blue Marlin.

Bubba and Betty Breaden and Joey and Rita Collins from Georgia  fished two days on High Noon this week.  The first day they landed a huge 182 lb Ahi (yellowfin tuna) and a Wahoo.  Today they wanted a Blue Marlin.

Our crew Stu is a gourmet chef and he surprised our Georgia couples with some great sashimi and sushi from their 182 lb tuna from their prior charter. Here are a few of the dishes Stu served up:

However, great food or not, today was marlin day and it was full of action.  I think we had a total of 7 Blue Marlin throughout the day attacking our lures.  However, they were playing hard to get and nothing was sticking.  Finally the stinger lure came crashing down and Rita Collins got into the fighting chair and did a wonderful job of bringing a beautiful 200 lb Blue Marlin along side the boat where it was released to fight another day.  Congrats to Rita and her cohorts from Georgia.


Georgia couples score big in Kona, Hawaii

Bubba and Betty Breaden and Joey and Rita Collins from Georgia chartered High Noon yesterday.  We had a nice Blue Marlin bite early in the charter, and Rita Collins got in the chair and fought this beautiful Blue Marlin for about 10 minutes, unfortunately it came off.  Let’s call it a long release!  Later during the charter, a nice Wahoo hit the long rigger lure and Betty caught this great eating Wahoo:

Later in day, we had a Spearfish attack the stinger lure but it didn’t hook up.  As the day was winding down, the stinger lure again went off….and this time screaming line.  Joey jumped into the fighting chair and fought the fish of a lifetime.  After a 30 minute struggle, Joey got the fish to the boat.  Here is Joey’s Ahi…

These two couples had such a great time, they booked us again for this Friday hoping to get another shot at a Blue Marlin this time.   Congratulations on a great day!



Bob and Tyler score Blue Marlin in Rock and Reel

Bob Youngberg and his stepson, Tyler Glenn  from Texas chartered High Noon for a full day fishing charter.  During the reservation process, I mentioned to Bob that we might be fishing the Rock and Reel fishing tournament that day.  Bob thought that was a great idea.

Early in the tournament, the long stinger came down with a nice Blue Marlin.  Bob jumped into the fighting chair and did a great job of bringing this beautiful Blue Marlin up to the boat where it was tagged and released to fight another day.  Here you can see the tag being placed into the marlin along side the boat:

Later during the day, the long corner lure went screaming off.  This time young Tyler (age 13) jumped into the fighting chair.  Bedlam broke loose as this was a monster Blue estimated at 700 lbs.  As we were backing down on the fish, we spun a rope into our prop and crewman Stu dove into the water and cut it free.  During this time, young Tyler hung onto the huge fish.  For about 30 minutes, Tyler hung tough with this huge fish.  Unfortunately it pulled hook and got away.  The tournament winning fish for sure….but just the old story of “the one that got away”.  Congratulations to Bob Youngberg and Tyler Glenn for a great day on the water.

3 Wahoo and a Blue Marlin day!

Julia Holt and her family and friend chartered High Noon today.  Since they wanted something good to eat, we decided to try for Wahoo first (call Ono meaning delicious in Hawaii because they are such great eating).  We were hoping to get lucky with a nice fish.  About an hour later just off the Kona airport, 4 lures went screaming off at the same time.  Pandemonium with 4 fish on at the same time.  We managed to get 3 of the four.  Here is that photo:

Ok….dinner for a few weeks taken care of, we swung out into a bit deeper water and trying for something bigger.  About an hour later, the short corner lure went screaming off and we were tied into a nice Blue Marlin. Tandi Gaul, Julia’s friend, jumped into the fighting chair and we landed this nice Blue Marlin.  Another great day!  Congratulations!