Nathan Sandberg from California lands Blue Marlin!

Monica Sandberg chartered High Noon for a 3/4 day charter on June 7.  About 7 45 am, a Blue Marlin came into the spread and attacked a teaser we had running close to the boat.  Our crew immediately tossed it a pitched bait called ballyhoo and the Blue grabbed that and the fight was on.  Nathan Sandberg jumped into the fighting chair and did a great job landing this awesome fish.  Congratulations to all of the Sandberg family on a great catch…a memorable experience for this young man!


William and Mark Miller have awesome day in Kona, Blue Marlin and wahoo

William chartered High Noon today for a full day charter.  William was along with his 15 year old son, Mark… and wanted to show him a little about the big game fishing experience.   And a great experience it was for the Millers from Kentucky.

On our first pass off the point, we hooked a Wahoo (called Ono in Hawaii).  Unfortunately it came off.  We spun around and went back through the same area and this time resulted in a hook up.  Mark did a nice job of bringing this Wahoo to the boat.  As a bonus, as William was reeling in one of the reels, it went off and we ended up with a father/son double Wahoo.

We changed up and decided to go for something bigger.  We found a porpoise school which sometimes hold big tuna but no luck   However we did miss a nice Blue Marlin.  As the day was winding down, the short rigger with our favorite lure called Baby Smash Bait, went screaming off. Mark jumped into the fighting chair and did a great job bringing this nice Blue Marlin to the boat where it was released to fight another day.  What a great father/son day.  Congratulations to the Millers!









David Gonzalez from Merida, Mexico lands huge Ahi.

Steve Yoshida from Hilo, Hawaii booked High Noon for a mid morning charter today.  Steve wanted to show his friend, David Gonzalez from Merida, Mexico the fishing in Kona.  They got a chance at a huge Blue Marlin…but unfortunately, it didn’t stay hooked.  A bit later, the stinger lure came crashing down and David jumped into the fighting chair and got this beautiful 150 Ahi tuna.

Mike Sabol from Phoenix releases 200 lb. Blue Marlin

Mike Sabol from Phoenix, Arizona chartered High Noon this morning for a 3/4 day charter.  After no strikes in a area that had been producing this past week, we changed tactics and headed to an area called Pine Trees.  We headed closer to shore and about a mile off the point, our long corner lure went off and Mike jumped into the fighting charter.  After a brief but tough and exhilarating fight, this beautiful 200 lb Blue Marlin was released to fight another day.  Congrats to Mike!

High Noon wins largest fish of tournament

Last Sunday was the first annual Remembrance tournament.  This tournament was honoring Captain Randy Llanes.  Our charter that day, Jonathan Gabriel and wife Laura had their two teen aged sons from Minnesota along for a fishing experience in Kona.


We had a few strikes during the day with smaller Spearfish and then we missed a nice Blue Marlin.  With about 45 minutes left in the tournament, we had a massive strike on the stinger lure.  Aaron Gabriel jumped into the fighting chair and after a 55 minute fight we landed this beautiful Ahi tuna weighing in at 175 lbs.  This was the largest fish of the tournament and won us biggest fish.  Here are two photos of this fish:



Congratulations to the Gabriel family and we hope to see you again on High Noon.