Annual Kona Wahine Fishing Tournament 

Took out bevy of beautiful gals from Kona out for our annual Kona Wahine Fishing Tournament today!!  We had an amazing team of girls! We tagged a nice blue marlin around 225 lbs in the morning.  Here is the release photo and the entire Wahine Team from High Noon:

We needed a fish over 300 to qualify.   Another team boated a 780 pounder! What a great day and good fun in the sun.

Two Blue Marlin for Ted and Sam Wong from Torrance, Calif

Angler James Wong from Torrance California brought his son Samuel out for a fishing trip. We raised a fish well over 600 lbs but it did not eat a lure.  We stayed in the area making a few more passes and then “wham”….another blue marlin and this time it stayed  hooked! James fought his fish for 20 min and was able to boat this beautiful150 lb blue marlin! We kept the fish because we had some family friend who needed fish for a big luau!  One hour later we got young Samuel in the chair on another Blue Marlin! This young angler tagged and released a 200 lb blue!!  Great day on the water with 2 blue marlin for a father and son team.  Congratulations to both Ted and son Sam for a great day on the water!

Big Ocean Big Fish

Our angler, Forrest Jenkins from Memphis Tennessee,  came out with his son Gab for a 4 hour trip on our afternoon trip.  We came out of the gates and missed a spearfish that would have been perfect for his son to fight.  About 20 min later we had a 350-400 lbs blue marlin eat the stinger!! The ocean became  uncharacteristic pretty bumpy while fighting this awesome Blue Marlin.  After about 20 minutes we had the fish boat side and it was in great shape so we went for a perfect release!   It will live to fight another day…..congratulations to Forrest!  Here is a photo of the release and another of  his son Gab.Gab1




We started off our day by jumping off a big blue marlin right out of the gates! Spent the rest of the day looking for small tuna with no luck. On our way back to where we had our bite, our angler Bill Janowsky from Colarado was able to land this beautiful spearfish!!! We had a great day and brought home some great fish to eat!


We started off our morning trolling for Ono without any luck… We proceeded to head off shore and ran into a nice skip jack tuna. These little guys make for some great sashimi! Our angler Dillion Arndt from Santa Cruz California was in the chair for his run down with the crew and the rod went off in in his hands!..