Unbelievable! 2 Blue Marlin at same time

Courtney Britchett and Tony Bauer came out fishing with the family for a 4 hr trip and the unbelievable happened.. We missed a nice blue marlin and a spearfish to start the trip.  Shortly after, we took a double blue marlin strike!!  Both the fish were going crazy ripping line jumping everywhere!  Even better, we landed them both!!! We put tags in the fish and sent them on their way to fight another day.   What an amazing 4 hr trip!

A rare catch

Nick Pisciotta from Discovery Bay CA came out with his family for a short 4hr fishing trip to try their luck. As luck would have it we we lucky enough to take a double spearfish! We got one of the two the other fell off shortly after biting. Very exciting for the family, It was their biggest fish ever….and great eating as well.  Congratulations!

Lucky Ono 

Our angler Corey Silvestri from San Diego California came out with some friends and family for a six hour trip. We started off by fishing marlin with no luck, then we slid into “Ono lane” and right off the bat caught a 30 lb Ono! Always nice to get lucky! Best part about that is everybody gets to eat some good food.

Mahi action for Sharp Family from California

Came out fishing with the Sharp family from Rocklin, California. Our day started off slow with no bites but around mid morning we found a log floating that has been at sea for a long time.. We put out our light tackle and managed to catch 3 mahi mahi on stand up gear.  Lots of fun and great to eat.   After that was finished we put our big gear back out and 15 min later we hooked a blue marlin!  Unfortunately, the beautiful Blue fell off the hook very soon after it hit but it was fun to get the bite!


Justin Dosher from Poulsbo Washington came out with his son Mathew for a full day fishing trip. Fishing had been really hit or miss this week it’s been hard to catch but luckily we have been finding life everyday.. We started off with a 20 lbs tuna which we started to live bait for a marlin until it died. So we headed to deeper water caught a barracuda That we let go and caught this big bull Mahimahi!!!  Not too long after we boated another beautiful cow Mahi as well. Had to work hard for our bites but grateful to get some fish in the boat!