Epic day – 552 lb. Blue Marlin on High Noon

We took out our return clients who have become good friends.  John Ogle and his wife, Brandy fished with us last week and we caught a beautiful blue marlin.  We have been in close contact while they have been here and we managed to fit them in on another 4 hr trip on the afternoon.  John wanted to take a friend out Robert Reyes for a day of fishing. After hearing about our previous fish Robert was eager to get out!

About a half hour into to charter, we had a double Blue Marlin bite but it came off.  A few minutes later, we had a huge Blue Marlin hit the long corner lure.  It missed but then came at the short corner lure and missed again.  We dropped back the lure just a bit and teased it back up where it inhaled the lure and line began screaming off the reel.  Robert Reyes jumped in to the fighting charter.  This awesome Blue put on a blistering array of awesome jumps.   After a back breaking 45 min battle Robert was able the boat a 552 lb Blue Marlin!!! Everybody was beyond words on the boat. It was truly and amazing day with amazing friends!

Blue Marlin fishing in Kona

Kona fishing marlin

Blue Marlin in Kona

Bonnie Jones from Eureka California came out fishing with her hubs and looking for a fun time fishing. In the morning we fought a 400 lb blue for only a few short minutes before it jumped off the line.. We were making our way back to the harbor when a 350 lb blue marlin jumped on the line again! This time Bonjie was able to defeat the beast and got it to the boat to put a tag in! Great day in Kona!

Fish are still around

We had a group of boys out today looking to have a little fun fishing. To start the morning off Mike Wandlimg from Chicago boated a 30 lb Ono! We began to drag live tunas around for bait to try hook something bigger. And sure enough Brad Denice from Nashville Tennessee boated a 150 lb blue marlin! Great day for the boys now it’s off to the scales! And we ended up catching an even bigger Ono on the way home!

Fun times in Kona 

Martin from Quebec Canada is in Kona for a business trip and thought it would be fun to bring a few friends along for a fishing trip. We ended up fighting a marlin for 5 minutes before the books came out but that’s okay!… I had some live bait left over from the day before so I headed to a fishing spot with some tunas. We managed to catch two 30 lbs tunas and a mahimahi!!! The boys were so stoked! They got to take some tuna home to the wives so it made for a good day!