Rescue Day

Yesterday we had a full day fishing charter with Wendel Burkhardt and John Stephenson and their families.  After catching a nice Mahi Mahi at a bouy, we headed further offshore looking for a Blue Marlin.  Within a few minutes, we suddenly spotted an upside down boat with 3 people in the water.  This was about 5 miles offshore in 6000 feet of water.  We brought in the lines.    We pulled along side the sinking boat and pulled the three people to safely into High Noon.

rescue fishing boat in Kona

We then secured the sunken boat to High Noon and slowly pulled the boat back toward the harbor . Since the boat was upside down, it was slow going but after a few hours we had the boat back at the harbor entrance.  Once there, we put lines on the boat and using a little magic, pulled the boat right side up saving it.   Some great video as we pulled the boat right side up.

Here is the article from the Honolulu news service KHON and some photos.  Since our day was spent, Wendel and John decided to reschedule  us for another full day on Tuesday.

Lucky Mahi bites

Stephen Abernathy and his wife Cynthia came fishing along with their friend Dave Johanson for a fun trip fishing.  Dave lives here on the island and his friends are staying with him while they enjoy the island.

The marlin action has not been as red hot as we like it, so sometimes we have to try different techniques.  Looking for some life, we took some live baits to a secret spot to see if anybody was home. We needed up finding a nice school of mahi-mahi and everybody caught a really nice fish……and all on light stand up tackle.   We haven’t seen many Mahi Mahi around yet (they are mostly a winter fish in Kona).   But finding these and catching on light tackle was great fun….not to mention they are great eating.  Congratulations!

Marlin strikes again!

Rob Durham and his wife from Aspen, Colorado came fishing on a 6 hr trip to try their luck!  I decided to look for the porpoise school and some Ahi Tuna because all the bouys have been very slow the past few days. . We spent most of the morning looking until finally we found them with nobody around.  We dropped a live bait behind the boat looking for some tuna.  Surprise….sometimes the best laid plans don’t turn out exactly they way we predict.

As we fished this porpoise school, a Blue Marlin unexpectedly showed up at the back of the boat.  We reeled the live bait up to the fish and it instantly gobbled it up.  We caught this fish on extremely light tackle (stand up 30 lb class)… for a fish of this size!  Rob did a great job the get his fish in a timely fashion.  Here are a few photos of the fish…

Kona Marlin FishingKona Marlin jump

Blasting off!

Our 12 year old angler Tyler Zegar from Westchester,  Ohio was in the chair getting our run down instructions when the reel begins screaming off right in his hands! When we leave the harbor, we get the lures running properly and then give our anglers instructions on how to fight a big fish.  This time, we didn’t have a chance to finish the rundown, , but Tyler did a awesome job of fightng a fish bigger than he is!     10 minutes into our trip just outside the harbor, this marlin nails the stinger lure  Tyler had a battle on his hands  He managed to tag and release his 125 lb Marlin before 6:30 in the morning!!!

Kona Sport Fishing release

Morning flurry

Ashar Myer and John Reed San Francisco California started off their morning with some nice Mahi Mahi action. Everybody so excited to get some fish to eat! Later in our morning we had a nice spearfish that ate the lure about 5 times but just couldn’t get hooked.. that’s okay part of fishing. Needless to say everybody had a great time