Action filled day with fun people

Jeff Cunningham  Jay Cogswell  Devon DeHaas  and Erik DeHaas came fishing for 6 hrs looking for some action. We started off with a nice Ono before sunrise on my way to catch bait.. After a successful bait stop we decided to drop baits to the bottom to see if any body was home.. We caught a 22.5 lbs kawakawa which was only .5 off of the record! We also managed to catch an amberjack weighing about 40 lbs! That’s not all, we also caught an Ono on the bottom which was a first for me!

After that flurry of action we ran out of bait and decided to start trolling. Not 5 min into it we caught a really nice mahi-mahi. Today seemed to have some fish for us because we ended up loosing two more Mahi and had a nice blue marlin on for a sec before the hook fell out.. over all action packed trip!

Kona fishing chartersTuna fishing in KonaFishing in Kona

Blue marlin early

Jennifer Han from San Jose California brought her family out on a half day to have fun! She was lucky enough to hook up to a nice Blue Marlin coming out of the gates!

Fishing has been relatively slow for the fleet so it was a nice surprise to see a blue marlin start jumping right away!

Blue Marlin in Kona

Giant Trevally for Noah Hamerston from Minneapolis

Karin Hamerston and her son, Noah, from Minneapolis came out fishing on a 6 hr fishing excursion.  The trolling bite has been a bit slow, so we decided to drop a few live baits to the bottom.   Noah hooked up and battled this awesome fish on light tackle for 25 min before finally subduing a huge 55lb Giant Trevally,,,, called Ulua in Hawaii.

It’s a trophy fish and his mother is going to mount it for her son for his Christmas present! Congrats to the Hamerson family!

Long time return clients

Our long time return clients James and Karen Coleman came back with us on a full day to try their luck again! They have been very successful with us over the years with a very good track record. They had previously caught 3 marlin and a spearfish.    Would this year be the same?  Yes!

Today we had to put a lot of work in but managed another blue marlin!!’  We saw it swimming first, then drove by it.  It knocked down the short corner lure and then fell back in the pattern and hooked up on the stinger lure.   Karen was able to boat a 120 lb blue marlin in 10 minutes…..Great job!  Not too long after,   we took another strike on the long corner lure.  This time James jumped in the chair on a massive 40 lb Mahi!!  It truly was an amazing day!!!!

Mahi Mahi in Kona, HawaiiKona Blue Marlin

Kids Day on High Noon

Today two couples, Dave and Shannon Reimer and Greg and Staci Evans chartered High Noon for a half day charter.  Their primary goal was to make sure that their kids, Travis (age 9) and Jake (age 6) got the thrill of reeling in their first ocean fish. Also, they were hoping to get some good eating fish.

We went out to a bouy and caught these great kids some Tuna and a pretty rare Rainbow Runner both of which are great eating.  Here are two very happy kids…

Deep Sea fishing in Kona

Kids fishing in Kona