Double Mahi

Doug Devries and Gordon Winkel from Alberta Canada came fishing on a 6 hr trip. We lost a two nice spearfish early in the day. As we kept chugging along we hooked a double mahi-mahi both weighing over 30lbs! The boys landed their trophy Mahi and taking some home for dinner!

Deep sea kona fishing


Josh Cho from New York City came out with his family to try their luck.. we were unsuccessful for the most part of the day the fish weren’t cooperating. But we stuck it out and we’re lucky enough to boat a really nice Ono! To catch an Ono this time of year in deep water is very rare so it was a surprising catch!

Fish showing up in good numbers

Grant and his sister Ilsa from PA came out with their parents to do a little fishing over the holidays. We ended up finding a school of dolphin early on in our day. On our first pass threw we had a double ahi but unfortunately we lost them both.

Grant did manage to catch a very nice spearfish on some very light tackle! After boating that fish we somehow lost another large tuna!! That’s fishing I guess.. as time was winding down the unthinkable happens…. Ilsa hooked a 62lbs Sailfish and again on very tackle!! The Sailfish in Hawaii is the a rare catch.  This is truly an amazing catch!

big island fishing charters

Spearfish are back 

Laban Yu from Hong Kona,  China came out fishing with his family on a 6 hr afternoon trip.

We weren’t able to catch any fish on our first trip of the day but I was hopeful for the afternoon since I knew there was a good tide change coming up.

And sure enough we found some fish. Laban was able to catch an Ono and two Spearfish!!   Great day!  There are a lot of spearfish around right now so it makes it very exciting for everyone