300 lb. Blue Marlin for Randy from Oahu!

Randy B. is a long time return client that lives in Oahu. Randy owns an awesome bar right on Waikiki Beach.  We bait fished all morning with absolute no luck!…. we were fishing for tuna, Ono and Mahi and couldn’t get anybody to bite.  We even dropped baits to the bottom and still no takers.

So I headed off shore to look for some better life and it wasn’t 15 min after we got the lures out, we took a big strike again on the lure closest to the boat! We were in some heavy waters and it made fighting the fish very difficult for Randy but he did a great job and 30 minutes later, we boated a 300 lbs Blue Marlin! It was the first marlin he has caught and it is a big one!

Kona Blue Marlin on High Noon

500 lb Blue Marlin release for Daryl Sapergia from British Columbia

Daryl and Tracy Sapergia a from British Columbia came fishing with us on a full day of fun.

We began our day like most days by starting off catching life baits for the day.  After catching these live bait, we trolled until we found the school of dolphin which also mark the giant yellowfin tuna. We began to fish with our live baits for Ahi….but no luck today.  . After a few hours with no bite it was about to time to start heading home.

We ended up taking a huge bite out of a big blue marlin. Daryl began to battle his fish for the next 25 min!! After many jumps and a crazy fight he landed his blue marlin weighing in at 500 lbs!!! The fish was in great condition so we decided to release her!!  That is the second giant Marlin for us in January!

Kona Blue Marlin release

Birthday fish!

Marty Singer and Debbie Singer from Arizona came fishing with us for a 6 hr trip for Marty’s Bday!

We took a strike early on in the morning and Debbie caught and landed a 40lb spearfish!!!! That’s an absolute monster for that kind of a fish. Not to long after that we got Marty in the chair on another spearfish! As I got close to the boat it jumped and threw the hooks out.. We took 2 more strikes but the hooks couldn’t find a spot to get stuck in but that’s how fishing goes. Debbie mounted her trophy fish and is going up on her wall!! They also had some good food to eat!

Epic Marlin for Gavin and Samantha Berger!

Gavin and his wife Samantha who had booked a 3/4 day beginning at 10 am.   They were in Hawaii for a few days to look at some wedding venues and decided to incorporate a fishing day into their schedule.

Nice people and with amazing vibes we were out fishing and  enjoying each others company until I spotted a very large blue marlin trying to eat my long corner lure!   It knocked down the lure but didn’t hook up.   We had to tease her back up… and got it to inhale this lure,  We got the fish hooked and it began with a few powerful explosive jumps!  Samantha jumped into the fighting chair for the fight of her life.

Sam did some of the best angling I have seen in a long time. For her first time big game fishing she kicked that fishes butt!!!  It took her an amazing 25 min to land her fish! The marlin put on a massive show only 20 feet from the boat before we gaffed it. The fish weighed in at 514 lbs and so far is the largest Blue caught by a female angler for the year in Hawaii!

Congrats to the newly weds!! Had a great day and hope to see you again in August

Big Island Marlin fishing

Catch of a lifetime 

Kelsey Bestal and her mom Misty Bestal along with husband Bill Murphy from Colorado and North Dakota came out on a 6 hr fishing trip. We started our day off with taking a strike in the pitch black on our way out to the grounds!!  Kelsey jumped in the chair to battle her fish.

The fish made a massive run and was pulling extremely hard. Being so dark we had no idea what type of fish it was… after an intense 40 min Kelsey landed her fish! It was a 121 lbs Big Eye tuna!! To catch a Big Eye tuna in Hawaii on the troll is a very very rare thing. It was an amazing experience. I haven’t personally boated a big eye tuna on a charter in many many years so it made it even better!

But that’s not all we found a pile of rope shortly after landed the tuna. We started off by catching a very nice mahi-mahi and a handful of 20 lbs tunas!!

The family had an awesome experience with us and want to come back out next time they are here! They mounted their trophy and soon will be on their wall!

Congrats to the whole family great day!

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