Gordon Moseby from Australia came out for 6 hrs with us on a fun morning!

We started our day off my boating a large spearfish!! As the day went on we had on there fish in the line that came off after a few minutes of fighting. Over all great day!

Kona Spear Fish

Big Ono!!

Mike Brandt from Florida came out with his wife and a few friends on a fishing trip. Mike was excited to come fish with us because he has been keeping up on some of the blog posts and was eager to get out fishing!

We stayed off the morning with a 36 lbs Ono in the dark! Mike brought in his fish after a long 10 min battle! We took the fish in the weigh it and it was the biggest caught of the year so far!..

We spent the rest of the day looking for a Marlin without any luck but that’s okay everybody had a great time!

Another day of fun in the sun

Eric Herrgesell, his son and daughter, James and Hannah were fishing with me a few days ago when we caught the two ahi and very big Mahi. They asked if I could squeeze them in for another day of fun!

So we started off with our second round of bait catching competion.. it was a good competion because while the boys were catching bait I was hooking mahi-mahi!! We caught two very nice Mahi while trying to catch bait!

As the day went on we got a good strike from a 100 lb striped marlin! Hannah jumps in the chair and defeats her fish in 10 min! As the fish got close to the boat on leader the hooks came out which made for a very good release!!

Striped Marlin Kona Hawaii

Great ReturnĀ 

My really good return client Martin and his son Damien both have a very nice coffee farm here on the island. They came by the boat to see if I had an opening and we made our day set in the books.

We started our day of my taking a double tuna bite in the pitch black!!! They both landed their tunas and they weighed about 20 lbs each.

We contributed to fish and live bait without any luck but that’s okay these guys know the drill and they know it could happen at any moment.

As luck has it, I got a phone call from. Good friend that there was a big net with a ton of mahi-mahi on it. Already being prepared with live baits we show up to the floater and stayed nailing Mahi! For an intense 30 min we were able to boat 10 Mahi! After we ran out of bait we decided to call it a day!!

Mahi in Kona