Mahi-mahi on the menu

Stephan and Sara Baker from Marylyn are here in town for a week and came out fishing with us for 6hrs. Fishing has completely changed in the last day or two so I explained in the morning the different types of fishing we will have to do.

We caught some live baits and fished a few bouys, but nobody was home.. We did manage to pick up two mahi-mahi while we were trolling! Thank goodness for the mahi-mahi to make our day!

As we were making our way back to the harbor we took another bite. Sara jumped in the chair and caught an amazing spearfish! Not only do they have food for the table,  they were able to catch a trophy spearfish!

Spearfish and a 500lb Marlin

Ray Tippetts and his wife came with us on a 6hr trip. We had them originally booked for 10 o’clock but my first charter of the morning canceled on me at midnight.. We called Ray  asked Ray if they could come out with us sooner..  Sometimes timing makes all the difference.

We began our trip heading offshore to start looking for life.  The trolling bite has been pretty good this past few days, so we were eager to get out.

We were lucky enough to come across a very good sized spearfish! We boated our fish and started looking for more!

As the day went on we were lucky enough to catch a 500 lb marlin! Ray battled his fish for 30 min and the fish was in great condition so we decided to release her!

Lucky half day trip

Warren Kimmel, Lynn Cubela, Ricardo Barba, and Gustavo Loya from El Paso Texas are in Kona for a few days and came out to fish on a half day charter.. As I explained them in the morning 4 hrs can be a challenge to produce fish if it had been slow out there but I assured them they were in good hands and we would try our very best.  Then we offshore to look for life.

We began our morning by missing a spearfish up north. Nobody was around us so I decided to fish that area since we didn’t have that much time. Not to long after we took a double strike from two marlin! One about 500 and the other 250. The big one jumped and came off but we still had the other on. We fought that fish on very light tackle. Warren battled his fish with a bad back for 45 min in stand up gear on very light tackle. This is a huge accomplishment. After releasing that fish it wasn’t 5 min we took a double Mahi strike! These Mahi were over 30lbs. Epic day on a half day charter.

Blue marlin and Tuna for Jake and Tracy from Alaska!

Jake Seabolt and Tracey Adams came down from Alaska to join us for a full day fishing trip. They came down yesterday to the boat while we were cleaning it to touch base and say hello.. I could tell within a few minutes we were gonna have a good day together!

We began our day with our catching some live bait called “opelu”.  Then we took these live bait to a spot where tuna had been biting and put a live bait out on light tackle.  It took a while for the fish to show up but when they did,  we were lucky enough to catch a 25 and 40 lb tuna!!! On our light tackle those fish made it very tough for our anglers.

On our way back home,  we were trolling looking for something bigger. As we got to the area I wanted to fish,  we got a 150 lb blue marlin jumping behind our boat. Tracey jumped in the chair and defeated that beast in 15 min. This fish was in great condition so we let her go to fight another day!

High Noon tuna fishing KonaHigh Noon fishing Tuna