Blue Marlin for an awesome couple from LA

Daniel Lee brought out his girlfriend from LA California for a 6 hr trip. We knew Daniel was gonna be fun because when we first met he said ” boys, I don’t care what happens today,  because we are gonna have the best time,….. no matter what” That was really nice to hear because there is so much pressure to perform everyday.  .

We worked for 5 hrs without any bites. We were seeing a lot of life around but nothing that would take the line. As we reached the bottom of the 9th inning we took a huge strike from a very nice marlin! The fish put up a big fight and displayed many jumps before settling down. After a 15 min battle he landed his marlin and it was in excellent condition so we released it!

Hans Olufs gets his marlin!

Hans Olufs was directed to us by my good friend Mike at Nahele outfitters.   Nahele outfitters is a hunting guide outfit and Hans and his wife have had good success Ram hunting here on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Hans was excited to try his luck on the water. He has been here to Hawaii many times but has not been fishing yet.

We tried in the morning for Ono without any luck,  so we started to head offshore. Not very long into the morning we took a big strike from a nice marlin on the short rigger.  After  stripping off some line,  it came off. We continued to work looking for some life and sure enough we take another strike from another marlin on the same lure!

The fish jumped what seemed to be a hundred times at the boat! We had to literally run away from the fish that was charging us! After a 15 min fight the fish came up tail wrapped and dead. We boated his fishing weighing in at 230lbs ! For doing only a half day with us and catching a marlin and missing another is an accomplishment for him!

Mike Sabol lands 656 lb Blue Marlin

Mike Sabol and his sister Cyndi Sabol have fished with us in the past and have had great success. Seeing them again in the morning we were eager to get out fishing.

Only about 25 min into the trip,  we boated an Ono weighing in at 35 lbs! . We proceeded south to see what else the day had in store for us. Only about 30 minutes after boating his Ono,  we took a massive strike from a big Marlin on the long corner lure.

The fish immediately started to jump numerous times with white water everywhere.  We knew it was a huge fish right away.    When this huge Blue Marlin finally settled down,  Mike was in the chair and ready for a fight.  The tug of war was on.  After a grueling 25 min fight,  Mike defeated his beast weighing in at 656 lbs!!!  That is an incredibly short time for such a huge fish.

In the morning before catching his Ono,  Mike explained to me since we saw him a year ago, that he has had a heart attack… it’s very surprising new to hear because he is in good health and good shape.. We here at High Noon were so happy that he is in good health again!  After dragging his fish aboard he was struck with tears of joy! It was a great experience to have shared it with him!  We hope to see Mike and Cyndi again soon.



Mike Sabol with the fish of a lifetime!


Team High Noon with Mike and Cyndi Sabol.

Steve Valdez-Non stop fishing action in Kona.

Steve Valdez and his son are return guest that have have had very good success with us in the past. Steve had caught striped marlin last year….and mounted a big spearfish so far.  Also he had had good tuna action with us as well.

This morning we spotted another”floater”! This one was an old boat that had  sunk.  There were Mahi everywhere around it. We were the first to spot this floater….and we starting catching Mahi after Mahi with non stop action for a couple of hours.  We used a lot of light tackle which made the fight more fun. We ended with 15 Mahi 1 Ono and and a tuna about 20 lbs.  A great day for Steve and his son




Back at it again

Forrest Barrett came back with his wife for another full day of fun!  They had fished with us about a week ago and decided they had so much fun, that they booked us again.

On our last trip together a few days ago we were lucky enough to get into some good Mahi action. Forrest also fought a Marlin well over 550 lbs for about 10-12 minutes before the hooks fell out.

Today we began by heading straight to an area where we have had success this week.  On our first pass through the area,   we took a good strike from a spearfish. He battled his fish to the boat and we were lucky enough to land it!  Had another great day of fishing with some really fun people