Action on High Noon

Matt Chond Sum and Kelly O’Neill from Australia came fishing with us today. We have had a very successful day with tagging a large spearfish first thing in the morning on very light tackle.  We generally keep a live bait or ballyhoo rigged up on light tackle…and when we get a strike, drop back the bait while bringing in the lure to entice the strike.

Later that morning, we found a net  holding a few fish. We were able to catch an Ono and a Mahi long with a handful of nice tuna!  As we left the floater we caught another big Ono! It has been a great day!  Congratulations to Matt and Kelly!



Action for our return charter!

Howard Wohlgefahrt and Rick Barnes from The Great Lakes area are back in town for the third time to fish with us! We had them for a 6 hr trip, so we were looking forward to another fun day with great clients.

We started off our morning by booking a spearfish on very light tackle. Rick was first up to bat and he battled his fish for about 10 min. We all decided to tag the fish because it was in such good condition.

Not very long after we hooked another spearfish on very light tackle again! This time Howard was up to bat! In previous years they have had great success with us but have caught all their fish on bigger tackle so for him to fight a fish standing up on light tackle was a whole new thing for him! We were able to successfully tag another spearfish and sent him on his way! Both fish weighing over 35 lbs! Great day!

Getting it done for Doug and Julie McMann

We were lucky enough to have meet Doug and Julie McMann who live in British Columbia.  Our good friend from Mike from Nahele Outfitters introduced us. They came for a wild boar hunt with Mike and were very successful in getting a very large boar!

They were sent our way to go fishing in hopes of finding “big game” fish! Doug and Julie own and operate a hunting guide business, Skinner Creek Hunts, back home,  so we knew right off the bat we were gonna have fun together.

Doug and Julie came fishing with us on Thursday for the first time and we were able to boat a very nice Ono!  In the afternoon we had a lot of action but had a hard time getting the hook in the right spot.  We took  triple striped marlin strikes and missed a spearfish all of which we did not land. None the less everybody had a good time.

Not to long after getting off the boat we get a call from Julie saying they had a great time and wanted to go back with us on Saturday! So without hesitation we said yes!

Today brought whole new set of adventure. We fished in the porpoise school all morning trying to catch a tuna without any luck. But that’s fine because we were waiting for the afternoon bite to turn on and set back up in position for action in our spot. Sure enough there was fish home for us today! Doug landed a very large spearfish weighing in at 35 lbs and also releasing another spearfish not to long after that! But that’s not it we were able to accomplish the main goal by landing a “big game” fish! Doug fought a 225 lbs Blue marlin! The fish was in excellent condition so it made for a great release!

We here at High Noon charters feel great in being able of catching a fish of a lifetime for Doug and Julie.  Congratulations on a great catch!

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Fun in the sun with Bob and Andy Townsend

Bob and his son Andy Townsend came fishing with us on a full day of fun! They came down to talk with us yesterday and I explained we had a good day of fishing but fishing has been very slow for the fleet. With a positive attitude,  they said “no problem!”,    We know how it works,  let’s go out there and try!

We began our morning by Andy jumping in the chair and fought a very nice spearfish. We were able to boat the fish and made everyone very excited.  We continued to keep looking for life and as luck has it we found a porpoise school. As we were driving around through themm  we took a big strike from a big Ahi! This time Bob jumped in the chair and defeated his beast in 10 min! The ahi estimated at over 100 lbs!

Bill Pisor and family from Morro Bay have fun fishing day in Kona

Bill Pisor and his son Kevin Pisor came with their grandkids Skylar and Nolan from Morro Bay, California came fishing with us on a 6 hour fishing trip. We explained to them that the fishing had been a bit slow lately, but we would do our best to show them a great day.    A few bigger fish have been around but really not much action from smaller fish for the entire fleet.  How things can change in just a day.

They seemed at ease just enjoying their trip hoping some fish would show up.   With a relatively slow morning happening for us we were wondering what was gonna happen when we got a lucky phone call from a friend close by that said he found a floater with some tunas on it!

As we approached the floater we could see there was a lot of fish around and it was non stop action for over an hour! Everybody had a chance to bring in tuna weighing in from 5-35 lbs! We ended up catching over a dozen tuna before having to leave! Great day for Bill and his family!  Here are some photos from their day on High Noon.