Lucky ono

Our angler Shawna Darrin is currently living in Oahu on the military base, Schofield. She came out with a few other of her co-workers on a full day fishing trip.

We were lucky enough to hook into a very nice Ono in the deep water! It weighed about 20 lbs.  As we kept trolling in a good area and took a nice strike from a tuna! It was screaming out a bunch of line but it wasn’t hooked well and the hooks came out.   it still made for some good action and a fun day. On our way home angler Zach Wilds jumped in the chair on another Ono we caught in the deep!  Congratulations to both Zach and Shawna.  Following the charter, we packaged up the fish and hopefully they have some great BBQ plans!

Dewayne McGuire from Texas find a hidden gem

Dewayne McGuire from west Texas came fishing with us and his family for a 6 hr trip.  They were on a cruise ship that did a one day stop over in Kona.  Dwayne was excited to see what the fishing in Kona was all about.   Right out of the gates we were seeing a lot of life in the water. We could see tuna jumping and birds working.  We worked that area waiting for a tide change….and right at the tide change, we took a massive strike for a huge Ahi…giant yellowfin tuna.

Dwayne jumped in the chair to fight his fish and did a great job boating his fish. We boated the Ahi and estimated weight at 100 lbs! What an awesome day!   Dwayne will have a lot to talk about with his fellow cruise ship people.  Congratulations on a great catch!


Family from California get their son a monster spearfish 

Dave Long from California is here on vacation with his family and friends. They fished with us today on a 4 hr trip in morning.

He’s had asked to focus on catching something for his kids and we told him we would try our best. We had explained to him that the Ono bite has slowed down a bit and most of our bouys that usually hold tuna weren’t producing right now.   So it makes it harder for us to find that sort of smaller game action for the kids..

They were all very patient with us and hanging in there for their bite! We were unable to find any of those smaller game fish for the kids to fight so we were starting to wonder when we would take a strike.

We could tell that there was life in this area that we working but could we get a fish to bite? We hung in there for one more pass before we head in to trying to get lucky. And sure enough we did! We hooked into a very nice sized spearfish and his son David Long who is only 14 years old jumped in the chair and fought his fish! He was able to land his fish and make the day! They were also happy to take home some good eating fish!

Morning Blue Marlin

Dustin Pick came fishing with us on a 3/4 charter with a few friends from Oregon. We began our day trolling for Ono close to shore in the “Ono lane”. We did not have any luck in finding Ono so we started to head off shore to look for life.

Not too long into our morning we were struck by a Blue marlin on the lure closest to the boat. It missed the lure about 5 times before finally getting stuck on the hook! Dustin jumped into the fighting chair and did a great job of getting his fish to the boat quickly.   It weighed in at about 275 lbs! We put a tag into the fish and let it go to fight another day!

Congratulations!  Here are some photos of the release:

David D’Addona from Austin Texas lands huge Spearfish!

Lee Wheat from Austin Texas brought his family out for a full day of fishing. We started off our morning like we always do searching for life.  We found a lot of small tuna schools but nothing biting. So we left the area to find better waters.

As we got into the area we wanted,  we took a strike from a very large spearfish!  We dropped back a rigged bait on light tackle and we were “hooked up”.   David D-Addona stepped up to the plate and caught his fish! We hooked it on extremely light tackle so he had to play his fish in correctly. We were able to land it and take home to eat! Not very long after landing that fish we took another strike from another spearfish but this one did not stay hooked. All good…. still a great day with some great folks from Texas.