13 yr old angler Selin Nalbantoglu from New York gets a Marlin!

Selin Nalbantoglu from New York came fishing with her family for a 6 trip. She came with her mom, dad, and her younger twin sisters.

Every morning, we introduce our anglers on how to fight a big fish from the fighting chair.  During our daily run through this morning.  This morning,  Selin was in the chair getting measured up, when the rod she was holding starting ripping line off!!! It is extremely rare for something like that to happen so we were very excited!! Only at 13 yrs old she battled her fish for about 15 min! We got the fish to the boat and we were able to put a tag in the fish! We took a bunch of pictures and sent the fish on its way.

We spent the rest of the day looking for some smaller fish to keep for dinner without any success. All in all it was another great day for our guest aboard the High Noon.

Bill Wilson from Massachusett catches nice Wahoo!

Bill Wilson came out with his son Mark for a full day of fishing. There were still some fish being caught but a bit slower today seemed. We were marking a log of big fish but no one seemed hungry enough to eat a lure. We were also seeing a lot of bait jumping and birds working along around but still couldn’t manage a bite.

it wasn’t until the last 30 min of our day did we finally get our bite! Bill was able to bring in a 20 lb ono! It saved the day for us and was perfect for them because they wanted to take some home for dinner for their last night in Hawaii!

Eric Salas from California gets himself a Marlin

Eric Salas from California came out with his father Gil and his brother in law. Gil has fished with us in past having success in catching dinner.

We were seeing some good life around and not to many boats in our area so thing were beginning to look good. Eric was sleeping in the cabin when the line begins to go peeling of the reel! He wakes up from his slumber and immediately attached to an angry 250 lb Marlin! We got the fish in leader after about 10 minutes and as we were getting it closer to the boat it began to thrash crazily and threw the hook before we could get a good photo.  The last two fish we have caught have gone crazy by the boat so it is hard to drive in the intense action and snap pics!..  overall it was a great dab of fishing but we were not able to get dinner tonight. We did have a Spearfish strike the stinger lure and  start jumping, but it threw the hook right back at us.

Adrian Bonwitt gets a Marlin

Adrian Bonwitt from England came out with his a daughter and some friends from around the world. We spent 6 hrs together to try and find his fish! On the the 5th hour of fishing we take our strike from the fish we are looking for! Adrian jumped in the chair and began to fight his marlin. His fish showed us many jumps and big runs taking tons of line out. After about a 15 min fight he got his fish along side to boat. As we were getting cameras ready for the picture the fish came off the hook. We succeed in tagging a blue marlin for our guests from the other end of the world!

Back for more action!

 Our good friend John Ogle from California came back with us after a year of extensive planning and waiting.  Last year with us he caught his first Marlin then came back out a few days after with some friends and landed a 552 lb Marlin! On the way in from that we had a double going for little while but both fell off the hook.

So for a year John has been waiting to bring his family back for some fishing. He was really into the idea of doing a tournament together while he was here! So he made all the arrangements and we we lucky enough to enter the Kona Shootout! It’s apart of the Hawaiian Billfish Seriers which is a series of awesome tournaments.  The Kona Shootout is a 3 day tournement with amazing prizes. Throughly each day every couple hours they gave something awesome away.

We decided it would be smart to go out for a couple hours the day before to go threw the motions so everybody was on the same page. John brought along his father John, his son John Michael, his wife Brandi, and his step mom Margaret. We we a great team and ready for what the weekend held in store for us.

On the first day we were the first boat to hook up! We hooked up to a nice marlin! John jumped into the chair and began his battle. Everything was going smoothly we were gaining line after a few minutes then the fish came up for some radical jumps and threw the hook! It was a bummer but that’s okay we had the rest of the day. We tried our best but had no further luck fish was very hard at this time for the fleet.

Second day we hooked up first thing in the morning again but this time to two tunas! John Sr. jumped in the chair and in a tournemnt the other angler had to fight his fish in stand up gear!!! The duo faughy there fish and it was the most intense action ever! Having to change sides to avoid tangles. We got the first fish to the boat and landed it but when it came to the second one everything went well gaffed the fish in the head but when it happened it came to life and thrashed everywhere causing it to tear off the gaff and get away. The Ahi we landed was a qualifier weighing in at 106lbs! This tuna ended up being the only qualifing fish of the tourney!

On the final day we had no luck going all day without any bites. All in all this was an experience of a lifetime for all of us!! We had an among time at the tourney the also gave away some of the best prizes we have seen. Looking forward to the next time we fish together!