Wahine Tournament

Every year on the last Saturday of July, the annual Wahine tournament is held sponsored by Huggos.   Only female anglers are allowed, so all the boats bring along their wives, girlfriends, mothers, etc.   Every boat has a team of women on the boat!! That being said already makes it the best day of the year!!  There were 80 teams this year.

There is a theme to every years tournament and this year it was Disney theme… The night before the tourney there is always a huge costume party which all teams get to compete in! On the morning of the tourney for 30 min there is a huge water fight between boats!! It’s the best way to start your day then you take off to the fishing grounds!

Fishing that day was extremely slow.. Out of the 80 boats we were one of 7 to catch a Marlin!  So what that means is we all tied for first place.

We took our strike late in the afternoon around 2:30 pm. One of our girls jumped in the chair immediately to begin her battle. Our wahine angler Tiffany Yamaguchi from Kona was so excited to fight her first marlin.  She did an amazing job getting her fish to the boat and being able to tag it! All the girls were going crazy enjoying the moment!! These are the days we live for! Good people good memories and good times