Anthony O’Leary from San Antonio gets his birthday fish!

Anthony O’Leary from San Antonio came fishing with his wife for a half day morning trip. With high surf warnings and not the best weather, we headed into deeper water to look for life. He explained to us it would be his dream to catch a Marlin but anything will do for a birthday fish!

Not long into the morning we took a big double strike from Mahi-mahi. The second fish fell off pretty quickly from a big jump it made. Anthony was able to land the other Mahi weighing in about 20 lbs.  Not long after landing the Mahi,  we get the strike we were waiting for from a big blue marlin.  Unfortunately it quickly came off.   Anthony had an amazing and fun birthday fishing trip.

Kona deep sea fishing charter Mahi Mahi

Patrick Mason and Mr. Wallz get the fish they were looking for

Mr. Wallz and his good friend Patrick Mason are in town for a few days and wanted to go out for a half day of fishing fun.

We started off with a few bites early on but they didn’t stick.  After missing a couple of Mahi we were finally hooked one.  Patrick jumped in the chair first and landed a nice Mahi Mahi about 18 lbs. The boys were having so much fun they asked if they could extend the trip a couple more hours in hopes of catching a marlin. We said no problem,  let’s give it a try…

As luck would have it, we then hooked up a nice Blue Marlin.   Next up in the chair was Mr.Wallz. After a grueling 30 min fight he landed his Marlin! The fish came in tail wrapped so we had to boat the fish so is not to waste it. Excellent day with fun people.

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Andrew Vaur from Dixion CA gets his action he’s wanted

Andrew Vaur from Dixon CA came fishing with us on a 6 hr fishing adventure. We spoke a few days prior and suggested we wait a couple days for fishing to get better. Andrew had fished Kona with no luck before just trolling and wanted to try some live bait on light tackle.   And that’s exactly what we did. We began the morning catching bait then headed up north to some fishing grounds to try for Andrew.

We were greeted with some good action from some big Amberjacks! Each fish weighing between 35-40 lbs. Andrew was able to land 3 of these amberjacks before it was time to start making our way home. We also saw two tiger sharks that swam up to the back of the boat and one was about 13-14ft long! Action packed day for Andrew.

High Noon fishing Kona Hawaii

Darrin Barclay from Tucson, AZ gets a monster fish

Darrin Barclay came fishing by him self first time deep sea fishing. Fishing has been very tough for the fleet recently so we had to do some different things today. We already had bait left over from the day before so we headed directly to try some new grounds.

When we arrived and dropped down a live bait,  we were greeted by a monster Ulua or better known as GT, giant trevally. After a thought 10 min battle Darrin landed the largest fish he has ever caught!!! The fish is estimated at 75lbs!

Running out of time we headed to deeper water to see if we could find a marlin. Not long into it,  we got stuck my a decent 200 lb blue marlin but quickly came off. Overall very good exciting morning.

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Chris Lewandowski from Illinois gets some Mahi

Chris Lewandowski from Illinois is here in Kona working on a job project.  Chris decided to bring a couple of his work friends out,  James Cho and Suk Lee,  for a half day of fishing adventure.

We started off our morning heading to a bouy to catch some bait.  When we got there we were greeted by a few mahi mahi. We were able to catch all of our Mahi on really light tackle which made it very exciting for everybody! We caught 4 nice ones including a big Bull.  We headed home and everyone had a ton of fish to take back to cook.