Corey Scher from Montana gets her fish of a lifetime!

Corey Scher from Montana came fishing with her husband Brendan on a 6 hr fishing trip. The goal for the day was to try for some Mahi ….and just have fun. We started off heading to one of our bouys off town with some live bait to try for Mahi. As we approached the bouy from about a mile away, the short corner lure went screaming off.  It is the the closest line to the boat and the most exciting when it goes off.   Corey jumped in the chair to fight her fish! After a very very hard 35 minutes, Corey  was able to bring her fish along side the boat.  The fish is estimated at 650+ pounds and we were lucky enough to release a very healthy fish back to the water! We ran out of time from fighting the fish but that’s okay everybody was so happy and both Brendan and Corey never thought they would see a fish that big!!  Congratulations on a great day!

kona fishing boat

Kona Hawaii fishing boat

Kona 600 lb Blue Marlin

Kona marlin fishing

Geis family from Minnesota find some food fish

The Geis from Minnesota came fishing on a 4hr trip looking for some action. They were worried early in the morning worried about catching something but we said they were in good hands..

We knew where there was some fish. Before arriving to our spot to catch fish we were able to land a nice 16 lb Wahoo!  We then proceeded to drop some baits down to the bottom and were able to catch a 50 lb amberjack,  a barracuda, giant trevally, and a 12lb tuna!  We had a very successful morning and everybody was beyond happy and it was way more than they expected. They also took home fish to feed the whole family.

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Christian Otoupalik from Southern California gets action

Christian Otoupalik came fishing with his family as a Christmas present. We had 4 hrs to make dreams come true and lucky we were able to. He was looking for a big fish to catch anything over 10 lbs. Well he was able to catch 2 amberjacks over 45lbs! He caught each fish within 10 mins and each fought incredibly hard making big runs. His father was also able to land a tuna about 12 pounds. Made for a great day, everybody was very happy with the outcome.

Kona Hawaii tuna