Bob and Matt have a great day!

Matt Clubb is visiting his friend Bob Nims who lives here and they came with us on a 6 hr trip. We stayed to our same game plan since we have been having luck all week with the live bait fishing. The boys were excited and were anxious to get on with the day. We spent most of our morning picking up tunas ranging in between 12-25 lbs on light tackle. We would often be fighting two at a time! There would be time between bites but when we got bit they would be in pairs. On our way home trolling Matt got to jump in the chair on the third largest spearfish caught this year in Kona!  It was a tough fight for Matt but he was able to land his fish! His fish weighted at 51.5 lbs at the scale!

Hawaii Spearfish

Wednesday and Fridays trip with Chase and Eric

We have Chase and Eric from Michigan for three days and Monday was day 1 and that is described in an earlier post.  On Wednesday started off great, we had to work for a while before our first bite but it came from a Black Marlin!  In Kona, this is a very rare catch.  We caught this fish on live bait but more  importantly, it was on light tackle.  On light tackle Chase has his work cut out for him!.  It took about 15 min before we had it boat side but not before it displayed many jumps only 30 feet from the boat! His fished weighed in at 85 lbs at the scale! The rest of the morning was very slow and we headed off shore to find another marlin! We found our strike but this time it came from a wahoo.  Eric was in the chair for this one and was able to land a 30 lb Ono.  !

Today’s trip, Friday, was extremely difficult to catch bait but we managed a few after lots of work and time.  However since we did have live bait, it didn’t take long before we had some good action.  Chase and Eric were catching but the only problem was we’re were running out of bait quick. We did catch 3 yellow fin and 2 kawakawa. On our very last bait we took a big strike from a big tuna! Chase battled a 70 lb ahi for 15 min before we got to stick a gaff in it! Incredible fight and an incredible 3 days of fishing with good friends!

yellowfin tuna Kona wahoo in Hawaii

Thursdays trip with Bryan Cass from San Jose California

We has Bryan Cass and his mother and father out for a full day. They have fished with us in the past and we glad to be back out on the water. Bryan had always wanted to catch a Wahoo called Ono in Hawaii.  After catching bait and heading to our fishing grounds we caught him a solid 25 lb ono trolling!  When we reached our tuna fishing area, we again found a good tuna bite. We were catching good hand full of kawakawa and three ahi and one weighing in about 35 lbs! Everybody was having a good time until we were struck with horrible winds and had to head home. Other than that great fishing trip!

Big Island Wahoo 

Tuesday’s trip with Tracy and Jake from Alaska

Well we had Tracy and Jake back with us again from Alaska! We had a ton of fun with them last year and were looking forward to our trip together! We began our morning successfully catch some bait to use for live baiting on light tackle.

The currents have been good and it didn’t take long before we were in some hot tuna action!  One after another we caught Kawakawa and Yellow fin tuna. We were able to land a 50lb tuna on light tackle! It was a very hard fight for Tracey but he managed to get it to the boat. As the action slowed down because of the tide shifting we got a phone call from a friend saying he found some debris with some Mahi on it. We reached the debris within 10min and tossed some baits. We were greeted by a couple nice Mahi Mahi! Jake has always wanted to catch a Mahi and was able to do so and this on light tackle as well.

We always have fun when the boys show up and we really can’t wait to have another day out fishing!

tuna in Kona dorado kona hawaii

Eric and Chase are back for more

Our good friends from Michigan, Eric and Chase are back in Kona for a week and we have 3 Days together! Chase has been in contact with us for a very long time and ask about 6 months ago what days in February he could go! Long story short we have been looking forward for the boys to show up.

We explained to them we have been having a very hard time catching bait each day for about two weeks but today we were able to catch a handful.   They understand how the ocean works, so we set out with good vibes and attitude.  Since we had the bait, we immediately started to fish them. We lost a couple of tuna and a Wahoo but we did manage to catch the boys 4 very large Kawakawa which is a type of tuna!  This was on light tackle, so a lot of fun.  When we ran out of bait, we headed off shore for some trolling action.  Chase as able to catch his very first marlin weighing in at 250 lbs!  A few hours later Eric jumped in the chair on a fish well over 500lbs!  We fought it for about 15 min before the hook pulled and fish got away.

Great day with the tuna and fighting two big Blue Marlin  Congratulation on a great day and we have two more days ahead!

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