Gordon from Michigan lands exactly what his looking for

Gordon along with his wife and two kids came with us on a full day. The title explains it all really… In the morning he said I’ve always wanted to catch a pacific  sailfish and a tuna… Well as you have been reading in our blog this month you will see we have been doing just that. We have been catching an array of good fish and a handful of sailfish! It is extremely hard to catch sailfish here in kona because of it’s rarity. But we have had good luck lately catching them on live bait.

Bait fishing was yet again very slow for us but we did manage a few. Fishing in general was a bit slow but we did get him his first tuna!  After a very hard fight Gordon landed his 30 lb tuna! Not long after that we found his sailfish!!! Couldn’t believe it but we got it!! The fish displayed many jumps and some big runs! Gordon landed his and was so excited he put his trophy on the wall!  We then got absolutely hammered by rains and wind!  We came in early and called it a great and successful day!

fishing kona hawaii

Martin and Damien are back

Damien and his father Martin have fished with us for many years now.  We have had very good luck before with these guys, and were anxious to try our luck again today. . Our game plan was to head far south and try for ono. We did just that we headed far south but couldn’t get a bite. By 9:30 with no bites we headed off shore to find something else. We were lucky enough to get a huge cow mahi weighing in at 30 lbs! Glad we got the boys some food action and had a great day! They have fresh mahi for the next week!

Joseph Tran and friends bag some good fish

Joseph Tran along with many of his friends and his son Noah came with us on a 6 hr fishing trip. Joe has spent many days fishing without having any luck in Kona. . We told him not to worry we have been doing well and we are gonna give it a good try to get him some fish!

We were fishing our same area and were able to get Joe two big tunas on light tackle! Each fish was incredibly hard for him on light tackle but he managed to land each one of his fish to break the streak!! We also caught a few more tunas and a nice mahi-mahi that Noah got to bring in! We had one heck of a good day with an amazing group of guys!! All we did was laugh and crank fish in all day!   We were happy to be able to fulfill their wish to catch some nice fish.


Randy and Jay are back for more!

Randy and Jay are from Oahu and fish with us 5 times each year.    We spent a couple of hours trolling for ono with no bites. We started to fish some baits we caught in an area where we have been doing well.  We were greeted by 2 sailfish and a handful of tuna!!  All on light gear Randy and Jay  took turns landed fish!  We will be seeing them again shortly!  Another Epic day!

Sailfish in Kona Hawaii