Day 1 of 2 with the Mcmann’s at Skinner Creek Lodge in BC

Doug and Julie McMann are back with us from British Columbia and they brought along their daughter Courtney, son Colton and his girlfriend Shannon. We have had previous luck with them so we were all excited to get out on the water again.

Already loaded with bait we took off to a bouy in hopes to finding some early morning mahi. When we arrived we fished our baits and had no bites so we left. As we left the bouy we took our first strike from a big spearfish!  Colton was up first and battled his spearfish to the boat. He did a great job keeping the line tight not letting the fish get away.

We spent the rest of the day looking for life with little luck.. Towards the end of our day we take our second strike!  Julie was up next and had a hard fight on her hands! It was another spearfish!  We told Doug to gaff the first fish which he did perfectly so we said for him to try again! He put another perfect shot in his wife’s beautiful fish!

Stay tuned for day 2 hopefully there is more to come!

big island fishing kona coast fishing

Dave and Joylynn from Colorado find their fish

Dave and Joylynn Kohler from Colorado joined us for a full day of fun. The goal was to catch anything larger than any trout he has ever caught! We did just that!  On our way to catch bai,  we took two strikes from Ono….and  Dave was able to land each one of his Wahoo.   It was a very exciting way to start the day! We spent the rest of the day with no bites but had a great time just enjoying the day on the water! That’s the best attitude to have coming on a fishing trip! They enjoyed every second they were aboard! He was so proud of his catch he mounted his trophy ono weighing in around 30 lbs which also completed our goal of catching the largest fish he has ever brought in!!!

Wahoo Hawaii fishing

Wade Miller gets dinner!

Wade Miller and his wife from Idaho came to Hawaii to do a little hunting and fishing! They came with us on a 6 hr trip. Wade had gone hunting with Nahele Outfitters and was able to get a huge Billy Goat.  Today, Wade and was looking for some food to eat. Bait was again super hard but we managed to catch enough to do what we needed to do. It wasn’t long before the tunas were biting! They took turns as they landed 5 tuna and then we were out of bait.  Another good day out on the water

tuna in Kona

Husband and wife duel rough sees for good fish

Brian and his wife are from Utah and came fishing with us for a 6 hr trip. They are a team together.  They hunt and fish around the world and wanted to catch some mahi and tuna in Kona.

In areas around the world that are known for these fish,  they did not catch any of the these species.   Today we had to brave some unfortunate high seas and wind in order to target mahi and tuna but they have been around the world for these fish,  so we took on the challenge.  And we got lucky!   They took turns fighting a nice mahi and few tuna in the 12-25 lbs range.  Once we caught our limit we headed for the harbor. We had a great day!

We have pictures from today to post but unfortunately my phone fell into the ocean which caused me to loose all my notes and pictures from the last 4 days!  I am very sorry to the people who follow this blog and then fish with us.

This week was filled with great catches from tagging Spearfish to lots of Mahi ranging 10-46lbs! The 46 lb mahi was a giant bull mahi caught by our good friend Mike from Nebraska and his friend Mike who has fished us before. Mike mounted his trophy Mahi for everybody to see!

We have also been seeing good tunas in a wide range of sizes. Everyday we have to work very hard to get our bites they don’t come easy but at the end of the day it seems to be successful. Everyday is different but all you can do is try!  We had Ken from Michigan tag a 40 lb spearfish and a few tunas!

Again very sorry to very everybody again about the phone going in the water and losing some great photos of their catches!

Sail Fish in Kona, Hawaii Spear fish release in Hawaii