Jim from California lands his bucket list fish!

Aron Davis brought along his wife, mother in law and father in law (Jim) from California.  They joined us on a full day adventure. In the past week we have been seeing some very good fishing. We have been seeing a lot of marlin and some spearfish with a few ono.    We have completely made the change from mostly live baiting to mostly trolling for this time of year.

Most of the day was very uneventful but we did enjoy each other’s company telling good stories. Finally on the tide change in the afternoon we took our first bite from a spearfish but did not get hooked!  We tried our best to stay back on the fish because we were running out of time!  A few short minutes later we got what we were looking for!  Jim jumped in the chair on a solid 250 lb blue marlin!! This was one of the most angry blue marlin we came across in along time. It never jumped but stayed down and fought super hard!  It was an incredible fight of 25 min but we did it!   We were very happy to have had such a successful day fishing with great people!!!

Travis returns and this time with some luck!

Travis from northern California came fishing his two sons, father and a friend. Travis has fish with us before but was unable to catch any fish. He had a great time with us last time so he was eager to be with us again. First thing in the morning we missed a nice fish and continue heading south. As we reached our area we hooked into a  very nice 30 pound Ono.  Travis was first and was able to land his fish after a big fight. After the fish landed on the deck everybody was extremely happy.

We then headed offshore in hopes to find better life but spent most of our morning with a little luck. We did manage to get two strikes from to Spearfish but missed them both.  Not long after losing those fish we got a hot tip from a dive boat that found floating debris with mahi-mahi on it. We reached the floating debris.  There we managed to catch a 30 pound bull mahi-mahi. It was a massive fight on the light tackle but we  managed to get the monster. There were a few small yellow fin tuna so we were able to catch the two sons a couple of small tuna as well.  That really made the trip for everyone everybody!  Having lots of fish to eat, we headed home. Grateful that we were able to get a good action with Travis aboard.


Teskey family from Chicago have a fun morning

Nate, Judy, Nancy, and Mitch Teskey from Chicago came with us on a six hour adventure. We headed up north to try some live baiting.On our way up north we caught two Wahoo called Ono in Hawaii.   14-year-old Mitch was first up to bat and catching a Wahoo was his main goal and he was able to land a 20 pound Ono. It put up a big fight but he was able to land his fish. He is in avid fisherman so he was ecstatic. Next up was Nancy and she was able to land a solid 25 pound Ono while live baiting

Live baiting was very tough but we were able to land Nate A solid 30 pound tuna. It put up a huge fight but we managed to finally get it. The rest of the day was a little slow but enjoyed each other’s company. Great day!




Alaskan family tag a big Marlin

We had an awesome family from Alaska join us on a full day of fun. We had a very hard time with bait again but managed to catch a few. On our way down south we took a big strike from a big Marlin! Gene jumped in the chair and had a massive fight on his hands! This fish was incredibly tough it refused to come up from the depths but we eventually got her up! After a very hard 45 minutes we landed his giant! We estimated her at 550-600 lbs! This type of fish is very hard to come by and we were all in awe when we let her go to fight another day!

Kona Blue Marlin fishing

Washington crew gets lucky again

Brandon Brown along with a couple of family members came with us for 6 hrs. All day long we dealt with rough water and lots of rain. In between the rain we were happily interrupted with a big strike from a nice blue marlin! The marlin peeled off a ton of line and made a handful of jumps! 15 kin later were able to tag our fish and let it go to fight another day. Estimated weight about 90lbs. Towards the end our trip we were able to land a few 20 lb tuna for dinner! Each one of them got to catch fish but was very hard dealing with bad weather.