Fun filled day

Today we had two half day trips. A great day, catching 3 Spearfish and one Blue Marlin.

On our early morning trip, we had Megan and Corey from Colorado. They have had luck before in Kona and were excited to get back out and give it another try! Towards the end of our trip we hooked into the fish we were looking for. Corey was able to land a 125 lb blue marlin.  After a bunch of jumps and white water, Corey landed his fish.

On our second trip,  we had Joe from Utah.   We had a great afternoon trip catching 3 spearfish!! Joe decided to keep one for dinner and let the others fight another day! All together today was action packed’

Marlin release in Hawaii marlin kona hawaii

John and JoAnne get lucky

John and his wife JoAnne came fishing for a half day of fun. They have fished with us in the past and have had good luck. Today was action packed. Not long after we began the charter, we took our first strike from a spearfish which John successfully tagged and released. The spearfish weighed in at 30 lbs.  Only seconds after setting lures back out we hooked into a huge Ahi (giant yellowfin tuna),   John jumped into the fighting chair and had a very tough fight bring this fish to the boat.   We were able to land his tuna weighing in about 110 lbs.

Spearfish Kona Hawaii 

Father Daughter team get two big fish!

Dominigue and her father Fritz are from Hollywood Florida and joined us for a half day. They have spent tons of time fishing in Florida and asked if they could target something other than the fish you find back home. Bait is very hard to catch during summer months, so we are trolling much more now.  We took our first strike from a healthy 250 lb blue Marlin! Dominique was up first and she did a great job! The fish made tons of jumps but we were able to tag and release her fish! Not more than 15 min later we take our next bite and Fritz was up next. He had a very hard 15 min battle but was able to land a 110 lb tuna!!! The father daughter team were incredibly happy for being able to land the fish they were looking for!

tuna in Kona hawaii Big island blue marlin