Wahine Tournament winners!!!!

We were able to have awesome group of girls for our Wahine fishing team. They have fished with us last year and we tied for first! This year we were lucky enough to win the tournament outright!

The tournament begins with a huge water balloon fight that’s kick starts the tourney with all boats throwing water balloon and hosing each other.   We all begin the tournament soaking wet.

Shortly after the “start fishing” command, we took a huge strike from a big blue marlin! After a very hard and tough 46 min fight we managed to land our winning fish!  The fish weighed in at 504 lbs which took the whole tourney! This is a huge accomplishment because your are competing against 70 other teams!  What a privilege it was to win this tourney!  Congratulations to our winning Wahine team!

Kona marlin fishing tournament High Noon fishing in Kona Hawaii

Spearfish delight

Joel and his family from the Carolinas came out to try for a marlin and maybe some dinner! We had his father reel in a beautiful Spearfish which besides being a beautiful billfish, it is great for dinner too!  Weighing about 30 lbs the family is going to eat well tonight. A great morning trip….just part of Kona fishing.


Bruce finds his trophy!

Bruce from New York had spent many trips fishing the Outer Banks on the east coast catching all kinds of fish but has never landed a marlin. He came out with some friends and family and that’s what we did. We lost our first marlin but hung in the area and got one to stick to the hook! Bruce had never fought a fish as hard as a marlin and had a massive fight on his hands. It was a very intense 25 min but Bruce was able to get his fish boat side for a very good release. He was so proud of what he did he put his fish on the wall to show everybody!

fishing in kona