The Boys from New Zealand have a blast

We have Steve, Mike, and Stew joining us from New Zealand for a few days. To start the morning we got a nice ono that Steve wanted to check off his bucket list. We had a good strike from a nice marlin but wasn’t able to get hooked well and came off. Not long after we found a large net that was holding a lot of mahi.  With live bait on board, we began to catch one after another on light tackle.   An an epic day with some great guys from New Zealand.

Brian and Holly get it done

Brian and Holly joined us the other day and came back with us to try their luck again. We spent some time looking for a marlin with no bite but we did stumble upon some debris with mahi on it. We made quick work of it. They were non stop, bringing em in one after another. After 10 mahi Brian and Holly were toast! We had a great day!


Brian and Holly from Indiana have stellar day in Kona

Brian and Holly from Indiana came on a 3/4 day charter with us today.  Brian wanted to try live baiting on light tackle and also hoped his wife Holly could catch a fish as well.  Sometimes things just work out…and this was one of those magical days.

While the live baiting has been very slow lately, we decided to give it a shot. It took us an hour, but we finally caught 3 great baits…and put two of them out on light tackle looking for smaller tuna or maybe a Mahi Mahi.  Brian’s rod went off….and he was in for a surprise and a great fight.  A 50 lb Wahoo had swallowed his bait….and after a terrific 20 minute battle, Brian brought this fish up to the boat.  We brought it on board…and the day was a success.

We trolled for the next few hours, but no action.  However the day was spectactular, crystal clear, blue water and outstanding views.  We came across a bunch of pilot whales which was cool.

As we headed in, we began to bring in the lures. But in Kona, it isn’t over under every line is our of the water and today was a perfect example.  With only two lures left in the water…and a 1/4 mile from the harbor entrance,  our long corner lure went screaming off.  Holly jumped in the fighting chair….and she had her dream fish on, a pacific Blue Marlin.  This fish went ballistic…white water everywhere and line screaming off the reel.  Holly did a great job and brought her fish along side the boat, where this nice 250 lb Blue was released to fight another day.   A perfect day with terrific clients!  Congrats on a great fishing day…and we hope to see you again soon.  Captain Dee and Captain Jah.  Here are photos of their catch:

Kona marlin fishing

light tackle fishing in Kona Hawaii

Kona Hawaii Wahoo

Randy back yet again

kona deep sea fishingIf you have followed our blogs you will have heard the name Randy many times.  He is a long time client from Oahu.  We always have tons of fun and laughs and great action.  This trip we caught 4 mahi 1 ono and two Tuna,  one about 25 lbs and the other 100 lb tuna.  Great day…with a great guy.