Mahi-mahi action

We had Brian, Austin, and Cody with us today. Brian and Austin have fished with us in the past and have had good luck each time. Lucky for us today we had another great day! We caught an ono first thing in the morning and then spent all day offshore. We came across a log that was holding a lot of mahi mahi.  Everyone got into the action as we landed one fish after another.. It was non stop action for an hour and everybody was so tired. So glad to have another great day with some awesome return guests.

Big day aboard the High Noon

We had a group of 5 great guys with us today.  They wanted something to eat, but our  usually reliable bouys have been dead.  So, we decided to head further offshore to look for life.  We got very lucky and found a log that was holding a lot of mahi mahi.   It’s like finding a needle in the hay stack.  It was non stop action for a few hours for us on light tackle with everybody getting in on all the action.  We ended up with 30 mahi mahi, 2 Wahoo and a few small tuna!  Heck of a good day!  And some great eating fish!  Congratulations on a great catch!