Tracy and Jake have a big day!

Tracy and Jake are from Alaska and fish with us a couple times a year for a few years now! They are very much fun to be around,  it’s so nice to have them again!

Catching bait was harder then we expected but we put our time in and caught a few.  On  our way to a porpoise school to fish for big tuna,  we marked a large fish under the boat about 250 feet down. It’s a little deep for one to shoot up but you never know..  But that i exactly what happened.  We got very lucky and the fish shot up and ate the closest lure to the boat!

Jake was up and had the craziest fight ahead of him! The fish fought tremendously hard for about 40 min putting in a few big jumps but mainly staying down deep which made it very hard to pull up.   Jake managed to land his fish and we took it to the scales coming in at 431lbs!  We had the greatest time and can’t wait to see the boys again!  Congrats for a great catch!

kona hawaii marlin  marlin at leader hawaii marling fishing