Great day with some Gals

We had some gals out from Michigan who wanted to go fish for a few hours. We enjoyed our time to together having fun but no bites til the last hour and a half of the day. It was a very nice 180 lb blue marlin ! The girls did a great job of leading it to the boat were it was released to fight another day.  Glad you all had a blast fishing with us.

Family from Memphis have a huge day

David and his son Ethan brought  a friend Matty from school out fishing as a graduation present to the boys! We had all day to give it a shot so we tried our best. Most of the morning was uneventful..  We were patient and our first bite finally around 1130.. We had a large tuna explode on the lure and not get hooked.. it was a hard pill to swallow but that’s fishing!  Not more than 45 min we get hooked into a huge fish! Matty was up first and did an incredible job landing a 180lb tuna! Not more than 45 min after that we got stuck to our next big tuna!  Ethan also did a very good job angling his fish.   His fish weighed in around 140! Overall incredible graduation fishing present.