Chris and Juli Martin from Portland score huge Blue Marlin

Yesterday, Feb. 17 we had Chris and Juli Martin from Portland, Oregon on board High Noon for a half day fishing charter.   We started off trying to catch some live bait, but the bait weren’t biting, so we decided to go trolling.  We found a small floater, pulled out our light tackle and caught a couple of small tuna on light tackle.  Chris wanted something a bit bigger, so we put the larger rods back out.

About a hour later, we had a tremendous short corner bite from a Blue Marlin estimated at about 400 lbs, but after a 10 minute fight, it pulled hook.   We put the lures back out, and I went back to that area and this time the short rigger went off and this huge Blue Marlin exploded airborne.  With white water everywhere, this was an incredible fight. Chris did a great job of angling.    After a 45 minute fight, we brought the marlin along side the boat to release her.  Unfortunately, the leader had wrapped badly around the fish, and we couldn’t revive her.  At weigh in, the fish was 474 lbs…a once in lifetime catch for Chris and his wife Juli.  Congratulation!  Here is the photo at weigh in.