7/23 1-1 Spearfish and 1-2 on Blue Marlin 

Debbie, Jeff, Adam, Brandon and Jordan from Ohio booked High Noon for a half day trip. They are here visiting the Islands then heading over to Maui for Adams wedding. The morning started out slow until about two hours into the trip we found the porpoise school. As we started to make our second pass through the long rigger came down and we were hooked to a Shortnose Spearfish which Branded reeled to the boat like a champ. Perfect size for dinner. Then just when we thought the trip was over the long corner came flying out of the rigger. Jordan jumped in the chair and fought a battle of a life time. After a twenty minute fight we released a 250 pound Blue Marlin. Congratulations to the boys on their fish and to Adam on the new chapter in his life. 


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