Chris Cayson from California gets a Blue Marlin! 

Chris Cayson and his son came back out with us on a 6 hr trip to try their luck again! We were feeling lucky because last time they fished with us in Kona, we caught an extremely rare sailfish!!! So we were looking foward to getting back out with them again this year.

We started off our morning with missing a chance at a Marlin .  We hung around the area but not another strike.   Without any more bites,  we began to make our way home.

As we were getting close we took a big strike at the bottom of the 9th! Chris jumps in the chair and had a tough fight on his hands. The marlin put up a good show with many jumps and pulling hard. After about 15 min we got his fish boat side took a bunch of picture and released it to fight another day!

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