Chris Coon from New Mexico gets his Marlin

Chris Coon and his wife from New Mexico came fishing with us on a full day adventure. We began our morning a little different today by starting off the day with catching a few live baits in case we found some tuna or Mahi Mahi. . Bait is always very finicky but this morning we caught our quota very quickly and made our way off shore.

Not very long into the morning, we took our first strike on a lure and it was from an angry Marlin! Chris jumped in the chair to begin his battle. The fish put up a big show with lots of jumps and big runs. After about 12 min Chris finally got his fish to the boat and we were able to tag it and send the fish on its way!

We continued to head south in hopes to find a school of tuna. When we arrived to our area we wanted to try our live bait with some Ahi tuna.  We decided to give it a try and sure enough we get hooked up!  We were using very light tackle for our tuna bite but this bite was not from a tuna… The fish came up jumping and it was another Marlin!!! After an intense 30 minute fight on light tackle gear we were finally able to get the fish on leader and we were able to release it! An incredible trip for our guests from NM.  Two Blue Marlin and one of those on light tackle.  Congratulations to Chris!!!!

Blue Marlin on High Noon

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