James Nelson releases short billed Spearfish in Kona, Hawaii

Don and Brenda Nelson and their two sons, James and Daniel from Oakville, Ontario, Canada fished on HighNoon today.  It was their first trip to Hawaii and they really wanted their 11 year old son, James to catch his first bill fish.  James had read all about the fishing in Kona, knew the types of fish there were in the waters off Kona and really wanted his first bill fish.  His dream came true when a 40 lb Spearfish hit the short corner lure and he jumped into the chair.   With his Dad holding on to Daniel, James did a wonderful job of bring this beautiful fish to the boat.  With his entire family watching, we brought the fish along side, got some great photos, and let this fish swim away to fight another day.    A very fun day for the entire family…and a great lesson in releasing a fish to fight another day.  Bravo to James!

Here is James with the lure that caught the fish ( it is called baby Smashbait), fighting the fish in the fighting chair and the fish right before releasing it.


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