Denmark family catches beautiful Spearfish

Christian and his family traveled all the way from Denmark for a nice vacation in hawaii. They figured they would test their luck in a little sportfishing of the kona coast. Thy booked HighNoon for a 3/4 in hopes of catching anything worth bragging about. With a tournament going on and lots of boats out we hoped for the best. Radio for the tournament sounded pretty slow but we remained hopeful. In the last hour of the charter and big 50lb spearfish came up on the stinger for a look. He took a quick shot at it but did not stick. After some teasing from the crew, we were hooked and engaged in battle. Great job angling by Christians father, had the fish to the boat in no time. He was so happy he even had a mount ordered and it eager for it to arrive to his Denmark home. Good job guys!




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