Eric Salas from California gets himself a Marlin

Eric Salas from California came out with his father Gil and his brother in law. Gil has fished with us in past having success in catching dinner.

We were seeing some good life around and not to many boats in our area so thing were beginning to look good. Eric was sleeping in the cabin when the line begins to go peeling of the reel! He wakes up from his slumber and immediately attached to an angry 250 lb Marlin! We got the fish in leader after about 10 minutes and as we were getting it closer to the boat it began to thrash crazily and threw the hook before we could get a good photo.  The last two fish we have caught have gone crazy by the boat so it is hard to drive in the intense action and snap pics!..  overall it was a great dab of fishing but we were not able to get dinner tonight. We did have a Spearfish strike the stinger lure and  start jumping, but it threw the hook right back at us.

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