Evan Riffee from Austin Texas lands Blue Marlin-Tag and Release!

Evan and Michele Riffee chartered High Noon for a mid morning charter yesterday.  He had wanted to go early morning, but we were already booked.  However I told Evan that the bite had been later in the day for weeks.  So, he agreed to the later charter.  In retrospect, it worked out perfectly as about about midway through the charter, our short corner lure (a Joe Yee Super Plunger) went off and line began screaming off the reel.   The fish came out of the water and ran through our entire spread.  After a tough fight, this 225 lb fish came leaping out of the water 100 yard from the boat.

Evan did a great job of bringing this trophy fish along side the boat where it was released to fight another day.  Congratulations to Evan and we hope to see you on High Noon again in the future.

Here are a few photos at the release:


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