Dewayne McGuire from Texas find a hidden gem

Dewayne McGuire from west Texas came fishing with us and his family for a 6 hr trip.  They were on a cruise ship that did a one day stop over in Kona.  Dwayne was excited to see what the fishing in Kona was all about.   Right out of the gates we were seeing a lot of life in the water. We could see tuna jumping and birds working.  We worked that area waiting for a tide change….and right at the tide change, we took a massive strike for a huge Ahi…giant yellowfin tuna.

Dwayne jumped in the chair to fight his fish and did a great job boating his fish. We boated the Ahi and estimated weight at 100 lbs! What an awesome day!   Dwayne will have a lot to talk about with his fellow cruise ship people.  Congratulations on a great catch!


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