Flowers from the sky!

Today was a very special day in Kona.  None of the charter boats took clients out to catch fish.  No one went fishing on their own. Instead the entire Kona charter fleet celebrated the life of one of our finest Captains who passed recently.  John Llanes was a beloved Captain in Kona and his son Randy, runs the charter boat, Sundowner.  As a celebration of his life all the boats went 4 miles offshore in a solemn yet joyful procession.  A 100 boats strong, we circled the leis and flower that went into the ocean to honor Captain John.  A helicopter fly overhead and it rained flowers into the sea as bushels of flowers came down over Sundowner, Capt. Randy Llanes and the entire fleet.  Here is a photo I took of the flowers and Sundowner.  What a wonderful day!


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