Gary gets two Spearfish!

Gary Furness from Northern California spent a full day with us looking for some action. Gary has spent may years fish for big game around the world including many good trips here in kona! So we felt very lucky to have him.

And to make a long story short Gary is very good man who has incredible amount of good stories to share! Without getting to deep into it he is the main doctor for all combat sports in California. He is the doctor for all kick boxing, boxing, MMA, and UFC!

With so many question in store and questions to answer we made our way to the fishing grounds. It wasn’t very long before we hooked up to our first spearfish! Having caught one before he asked if we could boat the fish to eat for dinner and that we did. Having dinner covered,  he said any others we might get let’s tag. Very soon after we take a strike from another spearfish but did not get hooked. We spent most of the day without any other bites.

As we came back into the same area we had hooked up previously we get hooked up to another spearfish!! This time it’s hooked very good. As we got the fish along side the boat we told Gary to tag his fish! He has never done it before in his career of fishing so this was a great experience for him! And to top it off he hasn’t caught two spearfish before in one day so we checked a few thing off his list! Great day with a great man!

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