Huge morning Ahi for Bruce Bogunia from Chicago

Bruce and Beata Bogunia boarded HighNoon bright and early for a fishing charter in Kona.   Beata had been in Hawaii for six weeks working at the Kapiolani Childrens Hospital on Oahu.  Bruce and Beata decided to spend their last week in Hawaii in Kona as they had always wanted to go big game fishing plus visit the Volcano.  Today, they hit the jackpot just after dawn.

We went to a spot where the Ahi (giant yellowfin Tuna) had been spotted the past few days.   Ahi bite best in the early morning…and as we approached the 1000 fathom line, we saw Ahi busting out of the water.  I told my crew that when you see them, theygenerally don’t bite. Wrong!  No sooner  where the words out of my mouth, when the stinger line came crashing down.  Bruce jumped into the fighting chair and did a great j.ob bringing his dream fish to the boat in about 20 minutes.  A gorgeous 150 lb. Ahi

Sunrise in Kona…

Bruce’s big Ahi:

Bruce and Beata Bogunia

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