JD Stollwerck checks a Blue Marlin off his bucket list

JD Stollwerck and some friends from Seattle Washington came out with us on a full day of fishing to try catch a Blue Marlin. Yesterday we lost a huge marlin well over 800lbs,  so we were excited to try our luck again.

We went most of the day without any bites! We saw some tunas jumping and saw some birds working but still no bite. On our way home we did start to see better life so we hung in the area a little longer.

It wasn’t long before we took our strike from a blue marlin! JD jumped in the chair and battled his frisky fish. He did a great job on it and had it to the boat within 10 min! The fished was estimated at 130 lbs. everybody was very excited and so was JD being able to check something off his bucket list!

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