Knyvett family from the land down under on an amazing trip

Sorry to keep every body waiting on the blog post but we wanted to save it because we had the Knyvett family from Australia for 4 days of big game fishing!

We had Murray Knyvett and his wife Jacque along with their two kids Toby and Peta.   The main idea was to get his son Toby (10 years old)  in the chair on a Blue Marlin. If a real monster Blue showed up,  Murray would jump in the chair as well.

For the 4 days,  we were seeing fish after fish but having the hardest luck getting the hook to find the right place!  On the first day we jumped a decent blue off early in the day without any bites for the rest of it. On the second day we missed two Blue Marlin and then hooked up a nice Blue.  Toby got in the fighting chair and did a great job but this crazy fish did some incredible jumps and threw the hook. On the third day we were fishing the same area we saw so much life in but with little luck… As we slid out of there to find new water we had a 450 lb marlin take a few big bites on the lures with out any hook ups!

The great thing about the Knyvett family is that they are hard core fishermen that never give up! They know what comes with the territory and knew that’s how big game fishing can be. So heading into high hopes on our last day we started off by jumping yet another blue marlin!  Seeing good signs of life, we stuck it out in that area.  And this time got rewarded. Young Toby jumped in the chair as planned and let me tell you the young man is an absolute beast in the chair! Some of the best angling we have seen on the High Noon and it was done by 10 yr old Toby!!! He did everything in his own completely like a true pro should!!!   Watching Toby bring this fish to the boat was great and for us on High Noon, probably one of our greatest accomplishments!

That’s not all we kept fishing because it was early in the day still. We ended up finding an Ono for Murray to reel in to check another fish off his list! We then had a strike from a tuna that must have been from the biggest we had ever seen! But it missed the lure completely and didn’t get hooked. We also took a strike from a spear fish and two mahi-mahi.

Over all it was an amazing experience for all of us!

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