Matt Seward from Michigan gets the Blue he’s been looking for!

Matt Seward and his family came along with us on a 6 hr fishing trip. Matt came to Kona in hopes of finding himself a dream fish the Blue Marlin! After a great day, yesterday we were anxious to see what today would bring.

Most of the morning was very slow for us and for the rest of the fleet but I guess that how it goes sometimes.  We heard of a few fish. but not many.  But we were hopeful that a tide change might change the bit.  Plus we were confident in the area we were working. About an hour before having to head in to the harbor the closest lure to the boat (short corner lure) goes off in a ball of white wash!! The marlin instantly started jumping and doing back flips! It put on an incredible show for us. The fish was so crazy in jumped into two different lines trying to get tangled up. No big deal Matt did an great job angling and staying very tight to his fish while we cleared the rest of the lines.

Matt brought his fish boat side within only 5 minutes or so. When we had it on leader is when it started goes nuts and jumping everywhere!! After the fish settled down we were able to get the hooks out and send the fish in its way.. Fish is estimated at 130 lbs. Matt took this opportunity to put his trophy on his wall! Congrats Matt from High Noon!

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