Montana family scores big and small

Randy Lint and his wife Jen along with their son Owen and daughter Elle booked HighNoon for a 3/4 day of mixed bag fishing. Dad really wanted his kids to catch something even if it was small. We started out the morning with a plan to troll to a buoy that has been pretty productive for us lately. Not 20 minutes into the charter our long rigger got piled on by a feisty blue marlin and we were off to the races. We quickly got Randy secured in the chair and began our battle. With quick maneuvering and great angling we had this beautiful 200 lb Blue Marlin to the side of the boat in under 10 minutes for a nice healthy release. The buoy ended up not being real good but still did manage to put the kids on a few smaller baitfish. After that we decided to head to the reef and see what we could stir up for the youngsters. Just about every drop we managed to pull up some species of reef fish and the kids had a blast. Great, well rounded day for everybody.




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