Robert Kimmel from Houston catches 400 lb Blue Marlin

We took out Robert Kimmel from Houston,  Texas fishing on a six hour trip.  Robert mentioned that he had been disappointed many times before and catching most anything would be a great day.   He has traveled the world to fish, so he was just looking for anything to bite.  We started off by catching live bait in the morning.  We thought that there were some smaller tuna and Mahi Mahi at the bouys which would be a great catch for Robert and his wife.  No luck!  Nothing at the bouys.   The trolling bite has been pretty good, so we put out the lures.    As time was winding down he was beginning to think we didn’t have a chance.  I told him not to worry we haven’t reached my favorite spot!.

Sure enough, Bang!… The long corner lure suddenly goes off and line begins screaming off the reel.  We are hooked to a huge 400 lb Blue marlin! He had an epic battle!  The marlin jumps insanely next to the boat on leader putting on a great show and was released to fight another day.  What a way to end the day.   His first big game fish was a 400 lb blue marlin, a once in a lifetime catch.   Robert is going to put his trophy on his wall! Congratulations on a great day!  Here is Robert’s Blue Marlin rocketing by the boat:

Blue Marlin in Kona

Hawaii Blue Marlin

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