Myron & Grant Backhaus from San Francisco land two nice gamefish.

Myron Backhaus and his son, Grant (age 10) from San Francisco, California went on their first big game charter, today, March 29.  Myron had reserved an afternoon charter because their was a very peak high tide late in the afternoon.  He got rewarded about 3 pm when a nice Spearfish grabbed the long rigger baby blue lure….and Myron did an excellent job of getting the fish to the boat where we took a photo and then released it to fight another day.

His son, Grant looked with jealousy at his Dad….but a few minutes later we went inside and nabbed a very nice 30 lb. Wahoo on the long corner lure…and Grant jumped into the fighting chair and did a very good job of bringing it to the boat.  Congrats to both Myron and Grant!

Here is the Spearfish release:

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