Double Striped Marlin in Kona

Took Jason and his boys out fishing for a graduation present.  High Noon had a blast today as we missed a blue 5 mins into leaving the harbor just after getting lines into the water.  But later managed to land two striped Marlin as we had a double hook up for our mates from No Cal! Happy Graduation brother!

Striped Marlin in Kona

Bill is back and brought his Son

Bill fished with us in March and on this trip brought his son Will out to show him a good time!  His target has always been marlin so we have it a shot! It wasn’t more than 30 min before Will was in hot hot seat and line was screaming! It was a very difficult 20 min fight but he landed his beast! Fish is estimated at 200 lbs and Will was so pleased with his catch he took measurements to accurately mount his fish!  Always nice to see Bill and glad he brought his son out for one heck of an adventure .

Kona fishing charters

Lisa and Barry Payne are back

Lisa and her husband Barry are back for fun once again! We have seen Lisa and her family for many many years and each time we fish together amazing things happen.  Lucky Lisa!  We spent our day talking about things that have happened in the last year, telling one another stories. We hooked up to a 180 lb marlin and Lisa cranked it in! We thought it came off once but it was just charging the boat. We got a good measurement of her fish so she could at it to her collection of fish mounts!

Lisa we love you from all our hearts!! Good luck with everything stay healthy and we will always be here waiting for you anytime you need us! Aloha

Blue Marlin release in Kona Hawaii

Amazing Father and Sons team

We had Chris and his two sons Gunner and McCarthy join us for 3 full days of fishing! They are from South Carolina and are avid hunters and fishermen! Each day we had good fun, laughs and some action from big fish!  Gunner and McCarthy were the anglers for the weekend.  We managed to catch 1 Blue Marlin plus 2 Ahi  weighing in at 140 and 180 lbs.  And we also laned to 2 spearfish!  We lost two other fish but over all amazing big game action!  We are looking forward  to our next round of adventures together!